Emu Oil Serum


About Dr. Zemtsov, Nirlana Serum Creator

Dr. Alexander Zemtsov MD, M.Sc., FAAD Bibliography
Dr. Zemtsov graduated Magna Cum Laude from Temple University in Philadelphia majoring in chemistry. He then persuaded his training as a chemist at Ivy League University of Pennsylvania where he received M.Sc. degree in Chemistry.

After deciding to become a physician/medical scientist, Dr. Zemtsov was accepted at prestigious New York University School of Medicine from where he received a MD degree with scientific honors. Dr. Zemtsov completed his dermatology residency program and became board certified at the world famous Cleveland Clinic. After residency, Professor Zemtsov became a full time faculty member in the Departments of Dermatology and Biochemistry at Texas Tech University School of Medicine.
At Texas Tech Dr. Zemtsov became intrigued with emu oil's unique properties. The American Emu Association [AEA] provided Dr. Zemtsov with grant money to conduct unbiased scientific research on emu oil skin properties. The results of this study were published in peer reviewed dermatology Journal. This was the FIRST PUBLICATION EVER dealing with emu oil in a medical or scientific Journal. Professor Zemtsov, among other things, documented that emu oil is noncomedogenic, nonirritating and has excellent moisturizing and skin penetrating properties. Dr. Zemtsov presented this study and was a keynote speaker at AEA annual national convention in Nashville TN in 1994. This research is still widely quoted in emu oil industry [if you Google Zemtsov and emu oil].

After moving to Indiana from Texas Dr. Zemtsov decided to pursue other scientific endeavors and to concentrate on a private dermatology practice. Over his career Dr. Zemtsov has published over 60 articles in peer reviewed scientific journals, wrote numerous book chapters, was invited for journal reviews and editorials, holds 4 patents, is a coeditor of an important peer reviewed dermatology journal and holds various academic appointments and titles.

How Nirlana Came To Life:
New published emu oil research and commercial success of some emu oil containing products rekindled Dr. Zemtsov's interest in emu oil a few years ago. The newly formed Zemtsov, LLC has a portfolio of both patented and trademark Nirlana products containing emu oil.
Cosmetic product Nirlana Rejuvenation Serum (see enclosed information) is available for sale NOW and we are looking for national distributors.

Dr. Zemtsov has a number patented pharmaceutical products containing emu oil as excipient for treatment of eczema and in the future for wound healing, acne and psoriasis. Zemtsov, LLC had a preliminary and very productive telephone conference with FDA regarding the trial phases needed to bring Nirlana prescriptions to the market. Unfortunately at this point the company lacks financial resources to conduct FDA required animal and human studies to get potential FDA approval for eczema cream but this is our long term goal.