1 fl oz bottle (30 ml)
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Nirlana Rejuvenation Serum
1% Retinol & Emu Oil

Emu Oil Base

Emu Oil is a powerful moisturizer that helps reduce and possibly eliminate the flaking, peeling, and skin discomfort commonly associated with retinol treatments.

Application Regimen

The moisturizer is part of the formula so you do not have to apply additional moisturizers like you do with conventional retinol serums. The treatment is self-moisturizing.

Any Age, Men and Women

Men and Women of all ages can benefit from this new anti-aging regimen. No matter what your gender or stage in life, looking the best that you can be with Nirlana Rejuvenation Serum is easy.

Cosmetically Elegant

A premium experience, Nirlana Rejuvenation Serum is odorless, silky smooth, and fast absorbing with no oily residue just minutes following application.

Premium Formulation

The highest quality and refined ingredients possible. Packaged for easy application, maximum yield, and ease of use.


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Nirlana Rejuvenation Serum is the breakthrough anti-aging formulation that self-moisturizes, simplifies the Retinol treatment regimen, and makes men and women of all ages look the best they can be.